The purpose of the Electro Riding Shop website and its team is to advise and support you in the best possible way in your purchase of electric surf and / or electric foil.

While these products are getting more and more attention on the water and on the internet, for most people they are still little-known toys.

Many brands already exist on the electric sliding market and each year we discover new ones that want to launch their products in the deep end!

Until now, the products available for sale were scattered on different websites (brand websites or reseller websites) but there was almost no site grouping the vast majority of the boards with the possibility of comparing them between them while having maximum information and a detailed presentation of each product.

It was therefore difficult for the consumer to find their way around and most of them were afraid of making the wrong choice for lack of knowledge ...

It is therefore on the basis of this observation and these issues that we decided to create the Electro Riding Shop!

Here we are not trying to sell you one board more than another to make the best profit, certainly not, it is against our nature.

No at Electro Riding Shop we want to be sure to offer you the best board(s) that match your desires, expectations and needs whether you are an individual or a professional!


Definition and presentation of electric surfing

Electric surf is also known by the following names: esurf, electro surf, jetboard or even jetsurf.

To make simple, it is a surfboard where we added a turbine at the back and inside it there is a jet type propeller which propel the board. The necessary energy is supplied by a lithium battery and speed control is via a wired or wireless remote control.

With these boards you no longer need waves, you can surf anywhere on lakes, rivers or on the sea.

The models available on the market allow you to reach speeds that can range from 30 km/h to more than 60km/h. Your speed will therefore depend on the model chosen, of course, but also on your weight and the conditions on the water (calm or rough).

Overall, electric surfboards are easy to master.

Beginners will have a slightly longer adaptation time, but after ten minutes you can quickly understand how it works.

To start in electric surfing, we advise you to start on your knees on your board. This will allow you to quickly and easily find your balance and understand how the board accelerates and decelerates. It will also be easier to make turns in this position.

You can also start with the lying position but it is more difficult to make turns and generally we take more water in the face J

We HIGHLY recommend that you master your board in the kneeling (or lying down) position before trying to stand up. Indeed if you do not control your board and try to stand up from the start you will find yourself in unfortunate situations:

- Not knowing how to return to your starting point

- Not knowing how to avoid obstacles (boats, buoys, swimmers, etc ...)

Once this step is acquired, you can finally stand up.

A piece of advice go for it! Yes, yes you read well, FAST! Like cycling, the more speed you have, the easier it is to find your balance. If you go 5/10 km you will hardly find your balance.

The hardest part is going from kneeling (or lying down) to standing, but once standing and with speed you will be surprised how simple it is to hold on your board.

Guide to electric surf brands

As we told you before, there is a huge quantity of brand one the market for electric surfboards.

The brands offer products with different characteristics and target different types of riders.

CAUTION not all brands are reliable.

Electro Riding Shop only offers products whose brands are serious in terms of:

- Product design

- Customer follow-up

- After-sales service

- Capacity and speed of delivery


On our site you will find the following brands:

Awake, Radinn, WaterRebels, Onean, Torque, Ewake and Magic Surf.

>>> Electric surf brands to start and progress:

1/ Radinn : The Swedish brand offers 3 models, two of which target beginner and intermediate level riders.

The Explore range and its two boards, the Icebreaker and the Sentinel (more info here).

The Freeride range and its two boards, the Urban Rebel and the Element C (more info here).

2/ Onean : The Spanish brand Onean offers 2 models including the Carver Twin (more info here) ideal for the beginner and intermediate level.

3/ Torque : The Australian brand has just been imported into France and offers two models of electric surfboards that are very easy to master and offer great sensations: The Montgrel Jetboard (more info here) and the X Tream (more info here).

4/ Ewake : The German brand offers a board with 2 different propulsion systems (double jet and triple jet) for beginners we advise you to choose the double jet (more info here).

>>> Electric surf brands for an intermediate to advanced level:

1/ Awake : The Swedish brand offers two models, the Rävik (more info here) and its new model, the Rävik S (more info here). These two models are real weapons of war that can reach 56 km/h with very good maneuverability.

2/ Radinn : Here we find the 3rd and new range of the brand intended for riders of a good level it is the Carver range and its two models the Tarifa and the Carbon Phantom (more info here).

3/ WaterRebels : The German brand has designed an ultra-light board with the capacity of reaching 60 km/h and has very good handling on water. Quickly discover the Surfrebel X (more info here).

4/ Onean : Onean offers, in addition to its Carver Twin, an even faster board namely the Carver X (more info here). Very easy to master, it has a large acceleration capacity with its two turbines and allows you to make beautiful turns like in snowboarding.

5/ Ewake : As we previously presented, Ewake offers two propulsion systems namely double jet and triple jet. The board remains the same however thanks to the triple jet system you can reach 60 km/h (more info here).

6/ Magic Surf : Magic Surf is the new name for the Loawai brand because it was bought. The German brand offers 4 models ranging from 55 km/h to 68 km/h. The models are:

Magic Surf Pro (more info here), Magic Surf Race (more info here), Magic Carbon Pro (more info here) and Magic Surf Carbon Race (more info here).


Definition and presentation of the electric foil:

The electric foil is a board equipped with a vertical mast associated with horizontal wings. It is through these two elements that takeoff and flight over water is possible.

If electric surfboards are easy enough to master (again depending on your level and model) on the other hand it is a whole different story with the electric foil even for those who have a good level of gliding in general.

Indeed, the learning time is much longer in foil and this is done step by step:


1) Control of balance and speed ON water

2) Understanding and mastering the take-off phase

3) Understand and master the landing phase

4) Master the front/rear balance over water

5) Master the right/left balance (back-side / front-side) above the water

6) Keep the board at a constant height above the water

7) Make turns to the right and to the left (back-side / front-side)


Believe us, the challenge is up to the pleasure that this toy provides. Once you have tamed it you will discover unique, incredible, indescribable sensations, etc... there is no shortage of adjectives!


The advantage of the electric foil is that, in most cases, the mast and the wings are removable and interchangeable according to your expectations and your level.

At some brands you can even choose the size of the board.


For beginners we will favor the following configuration:

- A long board for maximum flotation on the water

- A short mast to have a low center of gravity and therefore better balance

- Wide wings for a more stable flight over water and a less reactive board


For more experienced riders the configuration will be quite different:

- A short board that will be reactive at the management level

- A short or long mat according to your desires

- Thin wings for a sportier flight over water and a very playful board



As for the brands of electric surfboards, Electro Riding Shop offers only brands of electric foils being serious at the level:

- Product design

- Customer follow-up

- After-sales service

- Capacity and speed of delivery


On our site you will find the following brands:

Fliteboard, Takuma, PWR Foil, Whimsifoil, Waviator, Okarbon (Albatross efoil) and Waydoo.

Guide to electric foil brands

>>> Electric foil brands for beginner to intermediate level:

Again, keep in mind that the different elements of the foils are interchangeable so you can choose the model of a brand and configure it according to your desires by changing it from a "beginner" to "intermediate" configuration to finish in "pro" configuration!

You just have to change the size of your mast and / or your wings!

1/ Fliteboard : The Australian brand offers two models ideal for entering the efoil world with its rigid Fliteboard model (more info here) and its inflatable Fliteboard Air model (more info here). The Fliteboard Air is longer and wider than the Fliteboard. In addition to being compact, because inflatable, it is longer and wider therefore more stable.

The Fliteboard model is halfway between the beginner and pro level.

2/ Takuma : The Franco-Japanese brand offers a board really suitable for beginners who want to progress quickly and easily in complete safety (more info here)!

Takuma offers only one mast size (50 cm) but three wing sizes allowing you to change your board and your glide according to your progress. In addition, the speed management offered by the remote control is really ideal and precise.

3/ PWR Foil : The 100% French brand has designed 3 models of electric foil, 2 of which are perfect for embarking on the efoil adventure!

Indeed, PWR Foil offers a rigid foil (more info here) and an inflatable foil (more info here) for which you can configure everything: board size, mast length, wing width. It will be the best efoil for you because it is you who will have fully configured it!

4/ Okarbon : Okarbon and its Albatross efoil brand from Solvenia offer an inflatable foil that can follow you everywhere. Measuring 2 meters long it is stable which will allow you to progress quickly (more info here).

5/ Waviator : This German brand offers the longest electric foil on the market with a length of 210 cm and 70 cm wide. It is halfway between the beginner and intermediate level. The Waviator efoil perfectly combines stability and maneuverability (more info here).

6/ Whimsifoil : The French brand offers a patented propulsion system unique in the world with not one but two turbines for better stability when accelerating and gaining speed. The Whimsifoil is inflatable and offers 3 different board sizes (more info here). You can also choose the size of your mat.

>>> Electric foil brands for advanced level:

1/ Fliteboard : As we told you before, the Fliteboard brand offers 3 models, one of which is exclusively dedicated to riders with a very good level of gliding and good experience of the foil. It’s the Fliteboard Pro with its very small board (152cm x 62cm). You will always be able to choose the length of your mast and the width of the wings (more info here).

2/ PWR Foil : The PWR Foil Pro is the most compact and playful model in the range offered by PWR Foil. The board is very reactive and can be even more so depending on the configuration you choose in terms of mast size and wing width. This product is intended for a clientele experienced in the foil universe and with a good level of gliding (more info here).

3/ Waydoo : Waydoo is a brand of Chinese origin with balanced dimensions with 168 cm long and 70 cm. This model which can reach 40km will be suitable for people with an intermediate or advanced level (more info here).

Future boards to follow and maybe soon at Electro Riding Shop:

Electro Riding Shop already references many brands and boards for electric surfboards and foils but not all of them are yet available on our site for various reasons:

- Brands too young

- Not enough return on the product(s)

- Board in the prototype state

- Board in test phase


However, our team carefully follows certain brands and products in order to be able to offer them on the Electro Riding Shop once they are ready.

So you may be able to find the following brands on our site:

SuperNova, Flying Rodeo, Oloboard, Vefoil, Getfoil, Cabratec, Pegasus or Plurato.

The maintenance of the boards

Regular maintenance of your electric surfboard or electric foil is essential! It's about your safety as well as the lifespan of your favorite toy.

Careful, regular and serious maintenance will allow you to limit electronic and/or mechanical problems.

The first rule of thumb is to rinse your board with clean water after each session.


Before and after each session we advise you to check the general condition of your board.

Make sure there are no bumps or cracks on your board. This can cause water to seep into your board and damage it from the inside. Indeed, certain materials, used for the design of the boards, do not like water and even less salt water.

If you find a risk of infiltration in one place, do not put your board in the water. You absolutely must repair it and plug the breach.

The good news is that generally the repair is simple and accessible to everyone even for the less DIYer among you. You will have to buy the same elements that are used to repair the hulls of boats or "classic" surfboards, namely:

Sandpaper (for sanding), Epoxy or Polyester resin (depending on the composition of your board), catalyst, fiberglass.

There are many detailed tutorials on the internet that explain the steps to follow.


You will also need to take care that there are no traces of corrosion on the various metal elements of your board. To limit their appearance, use marine grease or "Tef Gel" which you will apply very regularly to the screws, bolts and metal pins.

For your turbine use marine grease "special boat engine" which will hold even better and longer despite the high power of rotation.

Finally also check the cleanliness and the general condition of the seals

At the end of each season and during the wintering you will have to carry out all the stages that we have just mentioned.


Even if it goes without saying, read the user and maintenance manual for your board carefully. Our advice is only additional information.

Maintenance of batteries and connectors:

Keep in mind that the battery is the heart of your board. Without it(s) nothing works. Its maintenance is therefore essential.

The Batteries used for electric surfboards and electric foils are lithium batteries.

This material is fragile and very flammable. Failure to follow certain rules can result in the risk of fire and explosion.


As with your board before and after each ride, you will need to check the general condition of your battery. Make sure there are no bumps or cracks. If you find that your battery is damaged in a place, do not connect it and do not navigate with it!


Also check that there is no corrosion on the connectors of your battery and on the connectors of your board.

To limit their appearance, use a special contact spray on the connectors and connectics. Clean them regularly and check that there are no sand or small elements inside.


Managing your battery charge is also very important both for your safety and for its lifespan.

First of all, never leave your battery in the sun or exposed to high heat.

Batteries do not like heat or humidity. This is why, after each session, before recharging your battery, you should dry it and let it cool down.


When recharging your battery, we recommend that you put it in a cool, dry room and stay close by so that you can intervene quickly in the event of a problem. Do not leave it plugged in for too long once it is fully charged. This will limit the risk of overheating and extend its service life.


The wintering of your battery is a period that should not be overlooked. Lithium is a living material that needs to be stimulated regularly.

So, during your last session of the season, you will need to completely drain your battery. Once your battery is completely discharged during the winter, you will need to recharge it up to 20% - 30% every two months.

Performing this handling will greatly increase the life of your battery while limiting the risk of damage.


Finally, we would like to inform you that there are flame retardant storage / recharging bags for Lithium batteries. For your safety we advise you to have one for each battery you have.

French regulations: 

Until recently, the regulations around electric surfboards and electric foils were almost non-existent. Today, with the increasing presence of these nautical toys, their use is now more controlled.

In France it is Division 240 which governs the rules of use and navigation. You can find the entire Division 240 by clicking here.


The Electro Riding Shop team is one of the most experienced in the sale and rental of electric surfboards and foils in France and we work with different organizations (Youth and sport / Ministry of the Ecological and Inclusive Transition / Maritime Affairs) to provide the best possible and consistent support for these new products.


Today, all electric surfboards and foils fall under the category "motorized nautical boards" and are defined as such in Division 240.


For electric boards greater than 4.5 kW (6.1 horsepower) and less than 2.5 meters long, the boating license is necessary for private users, however during a supervised rental session the license is not necessary. For boards less than or equal to 4.5 kW (6.1 horsepower) and less than 2.5 meters long the boating license is not necessary.


The use of electric surfboards should only be done during the day.


At a distance less than or equal to 300 meters from a shelter (shore, island or even a boat) it is not compulsory to carry safety equipment with you. But it is nevertheless strongly recommended.

Beyond 300m and up to 2 miles from a shelter (1 mile = 1.852 km) basic and necessary safety equipment. The safety equipment is as follows:

- A buoyancy vest of at least 50 Newtons and/or a Neoprene or dry suit with positive buoyancy.

- A waterproof light device with an autonomy of at least 6 hours.


Although not specified in Division 240, we strongly recommend that you wear a suitable helmet (wakeboard type) for your safety and also avoid going out alone on the water.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide.

We have tried to be as precise as possible and to scan as many topics as possible so that you have all the information you need!

However, if you have any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to help and assist you as best as possible.

You can contact us via:

Facebook Electro Riding Shop (here), our contact form here, by phone au : 07 62 44 93 29 or send us an email: