Do you find it hard to do without gliding on the water? So do we ... that's why we wanted to have a range of products to extend the pleasure once back on dry land!

In this section you will find a large selection of electric skateboards to meet all types of needs. Whether you want to wander around the city or explore nature, we have the product for you.

The electric skateboard has been around for several years now and the products on the market are all different. The speed this controls via a Bluetooth remote control in a simple and intuitive way. Go back to childhood and find the board of your dreams!

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Brand LINKY Model LINKY Price 555.75 € Max speed 30 km/h Autonomy 18 km Board weight 5.5 kg Loading time 30 min Engine power 1 000 watts Max weight of rider...

€555.75 Tax included


Brand BAJABOARD Model S2 Price From 2 915  € Max speed de 30 à 60 km/h according to the battery Autonomy 60 km with the best option Board weight from 15.5 to 19.5 kg...

€2,915.00 Tax included