To make a simple definition of electric surfing: take a surfboard, add a turbine inside which a jet type propeller will propel the board, all powered by a lithium battery.

Your speed is controlled via a Bluetooth remote control that you have in your hand.

Electric surfboards allow surfing in any weather condition and anywhere. No need for waves to have fun! Whether you are a beginner or a follower of board sports in general, you will quickly find your bearings because the learning time on these models is very short.

You have the joys of skiing with speeds ranging from 30 km/h to more than 60km/h depending on the electric surfing models, all with great maneuverability.

The market and the products are all very recent and it is sometimes hard to make a choice between the different sizes, powers, weight, etc. Discover easily and quickly our different models of electric surfboards!


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