The electric foil is a board under which we will find a mast and wings. It is thanks to these elements that you will be able to take off and fly over water.

If electric surfboards are often easy to master it will however take you a little more time to tame this new toy that is the electric foil but once you know how to use it you will discover incomparable, incredible, sensational sensations and indescribable :)

The advantage of the electric foil is that everything is removable and adaptable according to your level. Depending on the model, you can choose the size of the boards, the length of your mast and the width of your wing. Regarding the "mat" the longer it will be the higher your center of gravity will be and therefore the balance will be difficult to find conversely the shorter it will be the easier it will be to find its balance.

For the wings, it is according to its width that we will have a more or less stable and reactive board. A wide wing allows you to have a stable board that is more tolerant of errors. Conversely, a short wing will give a much more playful and responsive board.


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